Donald Teel is the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica®. He has been an Arizona resident since 1960. He is a commercial real estate broker, private pilot, photographer and an avid reader of America's history.

Today, we are in a paramount struggle to sustain America as the world’s “Shining City Upon a Hill.” Nearly everyone acknowledges that something is wrong. We all secretly–and some of us, openly–wonder if we can escape our current malaise with character, freedom, and opportunities intact. We are debating the nature of liberty, its ultimate source, and whether the source of America’s freedoms matter.

Liberty has its necessities, and without certain prerequisites, it dies. Among these primary prerequisites are the nation’s collective and personal values, delivered and sustained by faith. Our five-decade dance (1960-2018) with moral relativism has been steadily eroding and usurping our liberty.

The founding of the nation was motivated by a quest for liberty, a specific liberty predicated on the endowment of unalienable rights, granted to us by our Creator. That is to say, behind the political notion of liberty is a faith in certain absolutes.  Our Founders believed the Creator alone grants the gifts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Pundits, patriots, and politicians of our modern age constantly beg the question: “Why is the nation slipping away from its moorings?”

Responses vary. We can assert that our limitations are due to corrupt politicians, nationalized education, and a host of other possibilities. But causes are often confused with symptoms. Out of convenience, we like to howl about symptoms, and we deflect attempts to identify the root of our problems.

The Source of Our Endowments

Since our endowments are sourced to the Creator, perhaps we ought to take a fresh look at who He is and our relationship to Him as a fundamental precursor to personal and societal stability. In so doing, I’m forced to come back to asking and answering the questions about my concept of God, man, government, law, spirituality, and their relationship to the deplorable state of this Union.

My conviction, since coming to faith, is that liberty is resting upon the necessity and solidity of personal faith. This kind of faith first confesses inadequacy and then reaches outside its limitation to God, a just God who speaks, loves, cares, forgives, and, yes, punishes evil.  I do contend that man alone, left to his fallen nature, his own schemes and devices, dooms himself.

Are we as a nation adrift in the relativity of a secular, impersonal cosmos? What is the likely end-point of the madness of trusting alone in mortal, flawed and often devious politicians? Is our collection and empowerment of our leaders in oft-called “Swamp” doomed?  Can we trust a pig to avoid the mud it naturally enjoys?

If we do not believe, as a matter of simple faith, and if we are not willing to openly declare that we are endowed by the Creator, what does our arrogance mean? Will we continue to turn our hearts toward faith, but a flawed faith not in God but in more government, a government that has proven that it too, like the men who comprise it, is fallen?

I am asking you the simple question: “Who is your god?” The almighty God, or Government?

Many do trust mankind institutions to guide them. Do we not know full well of government’s motivations, intentions, corruptions, and failings?  If we exchange the pledge of the Creator for promises of government, are we not inviting the perils such folly brings?

Can We Trick Truth?

America is replacing divine supremacy with human supremacy. Our growing subscription to federal supremacy is the “new faith,” in which man centers himself in a self-designed universe, where any concept of the divine (little “d”) revolves around humanism’s evolutionary secular values. In the end, we will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again. The shattered pieces will be far-flung in multiple directions and subjected to the winds of confusion.

Can we trick the truth? Can we at the same time declare our belief that we are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights but live as we please, think as we desire, act as it so pleases us?

My contention is a simple one: It is impossible to have a constitutional government with no allegiance or faith in the Creator. Liberty without faith is impossible. While we might occasionally repair the torn nation and temporarily fix its wounds, we remain on a carousel, spinning out of control. Without personal and collective adherence to the nucleus of faith in the Creator, what, or who controls our destiny?

A nation as great as ours cannot be sustained by the relativism of law, norms, customs, values, and spirituality. Nor can faith be fickle. It must have real meaning rooted in non-negotiable absolutes.

This nation’s axis has always been its faith, and if we are left to faith in ourselves alone, liberty will certainly explode by the centrifugal forces of our collective and secular self.

Believing in Nature and Nature’s God

Some will argue our Founders were deists. A topic for another day, but very well, then. We’ll take them at their word. Even so, the Declaration itself and the myriad ancillary writings demonstrate clearly that the framers and the early American settlers were believers in nature’s God (with a big “G”), and this core gave rise to and was meant to sustain and strengthen liberty.

While the masses grovel at the totem pole of secular individualism as the guiding force for the fabric of our society and the rule of law, such worship continues to prove itself ineffectual in sustaining liberty. This is a religion that grinds people and institutions into the dust of relativism where every man is right in his own eyes.

This is assuredly embryonic tyranny, which, left to feed on our lack of principled government, will explode into uncontrollable anarchy.

Do not think of anarchy as chaos in the streets, although that may well be one of its ultimate manifestations. Instead, think of anarchy as a nations inability to know what it is, who it is, what it believes, what it ought to do about this or that problem. It’s the kind of sheer terror that engulfs us when we have gone so far into the darkness that we don’t know our way out.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.

– II Chonicles 7:14

Faith is a prerequisite to liberty, but misdirected faith produces anarchy. What we believe matters. Who we believe in matters. The things that matter are the source of strength to any nation, and its people.

Liberty can only thrive when planted and sustained in the fertile soil of real faith. To be effective, real faith must first be personal, then it can become a collective force for stability. In his sense, when the founders wrote, “We are endowed by the Creator,” they did not offer us an alternative selection.

Virtue is not an option to be considered; it’s a requirement for liberty.


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